Fair Hill International hosts three USEF/USEA Recognized Horse Trials every year.

FHI hosts three unrecognized “Starter” Horse Trials every year.


Eventing (aka Horse Trials) is best described as an equestrian triathlon. The sport originated as a cavalry test and is comprised of three phases: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. 

Dressage is the first of three phases in eventing competition. It consists of an exact sequence of movements in an enclosed arena and scored by a judge or judge

Cross-country is the cornerstone of eventing and proves the speed, endurance, and jumping ability of the horse over varied terrain and solid obstacles.  Cross-country features solid fences as well as natural obstacles such as water, ditches, drops, and banks. The phase is ridden at a gallop with exact speed requirements varied depending on the level of competition.


Show jumping tests horses and riders precision over a series of fences in an enclosed arena. This final phase tests the stamina and recovery of the horse after the very tiring cross-country phase.


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